Wouldn't it be great to plunk yourself down anywhere in the Bible and

know what's going on?

Learn how to achieve this incredible goal… even if you are brand new to the Bible or lived with it for years
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The Bible is massive and not organized for easy learning. What you need is a proven way to approach anything in it.

You are listening to a sermon and the preacher shares an interesting story about Elijah, or was it Elisha? You'd like to know more about it, but you're reluctant to ask anyone where it's found. 

You're in a Bible study and the teacher asks you to turn to the Book of Hezekiah. People fumble in their Bibles until the teacher laughs and says, "Of course you can't find it; it doesn't exist." The joke was on you.

You have a friend who is always quoting the Bible. Mostly it's to correct someone who he feels is wrong about something. You certainly don't want to be like that. Isn't the Bible supposed to make you more generous and loving?

There is so much in the Bible that you would like to know more about, but where do you begin? Just reading it becomes a random exercise that doesn't build on anything. How can anyone put it all together? You'd really like to know!

You are a good person whose friends ask you about your faith. You'd like to be able to share ways to help them increase their faith, but you're not sure where to direct them.

Perhaps you try to do daily devotionals or attend Bible studies and often find yourself wondering about where to go to dig deeper into what you just learned. You try, but so much of this seems well over your head.

You find that you have settled into a feeling that there is nothing you can do and are close to giving up hope that you will ever get a handle on the Bible. You feel that where you are now is the way it will be for the rest of your life. Is this it for you?

I can assure you there is hope. And it doesn't require a seminary degree to find it! The answer is simple, it is straightforward and obtainable. Like anything worth having, it requires a little time and effort, but you can do it, and do it well. It's all in this course.

"Master Your Bible"

The premiere course that makes your Bible come alive

This course is designed to bring the massive content of the Bible into a manageable system

What's missing in most biblical education in our churches is a systematic approach that begins with laying a solid foundation that you continually build upon. 

In our online course, Master the Bible, we give you a simple outline of the Bible and show you how each part of the Bible fits into it. It's based on the eight major periods of Israel's history and how each book of the Old Testament arose in it. For the New Testament, we organize the content around the time and ourpose for which each book was written.  You will never be lost again. 

Simple, yet the results are immediately accessible and easily built upon over a lifetime.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This is a 9 module course with several lessons each. 

The modules vary in length from one to three hours. You will receive several videos each week along with supporting materials. You will receive the first videos and materials the day you enroll and will receive one per week thereafter. After
 viewing the video you will be able to work through the
materials that supplement the video.

Don't worry—this is designed to be fun, not work.

This should take about three to four hours each week. The rest of the week is for you to review the materials with your Bible in hand and make the material part of your life.
There is no memorization involved unless you are so inclined. The materials include a systematic way to keep your Bible
well organized for easy accessibility.

Huge Benefit 1

You will know where you are in the Bible at all times. You will have a map so you will never get lost.

This will increase your enthusiasm for Bible study and the ability to share what you've learned with others.

Huge Benefit 2

You will have a method of building upon your knowledge that grows exponentially over time.

You will soon be amazed at how easily this comes together for you. That's what good systems do!

Huge Benefit 3

You will be able to follow sermons and Bible studies with greater appreciation and know the basics of what's being preached or taught. Your confidence will steadily increase as your mastery grows.

Huge Benefit 4

You will deepen your relationship with God and your companions on the way. We are not so much interested in learning the details as we are in drawing closer to our Creator.

Is this course right for you?

This course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Bible. It's for those of you who have lived with the Bible for years, or are new to it. It doesn't matter which church you go to, or don't go to. All the material is based on sound scholarship, but even scholars disagree and you may as well. The important thing is that you will learn a system that aids you in making sense of the Bible. If this is your goal—Welcome!

This Is How You Will Master
Your Bible

Each module is a combination of videos and PowerPoint


Module 1—Introduction and Key to Mastering Your Bible
You will be given an overview of the entire course 
Lesson 1Introduction to the key for understanding the Bible
You will see that the key is not only easily understood, it is well within your capabilities to put into practice. 


Module 2— A (short) History of Israel
Lesson—1 The Worldview of the Bible
How did ancients understand their world? How is it different from our understanding? What difference does it make?
Lesson—2 The key to mastering the Hebrew Bible is Israel's history
Israel's history is easily sketched in 8 periods.

The first section is the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy)





Module 3— The Historical Books
Lesson 1—Looking at the Historical Books
We will study Joshua through 2nd Kings
You will note that history is sometimes theology in disguise
Module 4— The Prophets of Israel
Lesson 1—The Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel)
We will study Joshua through 2nd Kings
You will note that history is sometimes theology in disguise
Module 5— The Sages (Wisdom Literature and Poetry)
Lesson 1—Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Esther
Although these books don't fit neatly into the history of Israel, they do provide important clues to how Israelites thought about themselves
Module 6—Making Sense of the New Testament
Lesson 1—A (short) History of the New Testament 
Apostolic era–Rise of elders/bishops–Third generation leaders emerge
We will place each book in the appropriate era
Lesson 2—The role the apostle Paul played
 as we put his books in chronological order


Module 7—Why Four Gospels and Not Just One Life of Jesus?

Lesson 1—You will see how each Gospel arose for different reasons and to answer different questions: Why we need all four of them

Lesson 2
How to see each Gospel as unique and very different from the others


Module 8—The General Epistles

Module 7—These epistles range over the entire history of the first century church
Lesson 1—The epistles of the Apostolic generation

Lesson 2—The epistles of the second generation
Lesson 3—The epistles of the third generation
By placing these epistles in their era, they will more easily be understood as products of their time.


Module 9—What we have learned and 
where we go from here

Lesson 1—An overview of where we've been
Lesson 2
The best use of this information: Growing in the faith

What "Master Your Bible" Will Give You

Confidence in your ability to
study the Bible 

The biblical story is not as complicated as it seems. When broken down into its major parts, it is easily understood. When the Bible is addressed in its chronological order it will make sense.

You will never get lost no matter where you are in the Bible

Discover the 8 major periods and you will easily follow the events that are depicted in each of the books of the Old Testament. Each book fits neatly into these periods.

You will see the New Testament as it developed over a century

As the story of the New Testament unfolds, you will be brought into the most incredible era the world has ever known. Rather than words on a page, the New Testament will come alive!


Here are some of the extras that come with the course

These supplements to the course add great value by deepening your experience. They are included following your completeion of the course because by then you will be able to make the most of this content. The phone consultation can be done any time you need special guidance.

Bonus 1
Make Friends with Matthew, Mark, and Luke: Know them as individuals

This video presents these three Gospels in a way that unjumbles them. For many, the Gospels all seem the same and they can't tell them apart. 

With this video, each Gospel becomes unique,  in fact, dramatically different from the others. 

You will see each Gospel's unique purpose, view of Jesus, how the disciples are presented, and its theory of why Jesus died, and more. You will never look a Gospel the same way again.

A full 4 hours of video

Sold separately for $120

Bonus 2
Apocalyptic Theology: How it arose and affected the New Testament

The New Testament cannot be understood without knowing what occurred during the time of the Intertestamental Period. You will be introduced to the forces that transformed Israel's religion and paved the way for Jesus.

It answers such questions as how Satan emerged as God's enemy, and how this dualism affected how we view the Old and New Testaments.

A One-hour Video

Sold separately for $40

Bonus 3
A 30-minute Phone Consulting Session

Anyone who purchases this course can arrange for a 30-minute phone session with Rev. Kindle. This is especially helpful if you are stuck on a subject, or in need of a little more information. Just email him and arrangement will be made. steve@pastor2pew.com

About The Course Teacher,
Steve Kindle, M.A., M.Div.

Academically qualified, he has a BA in Bible, a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology, and a Master of Divinity degree. More importantly, he loves his subject matter and the people who learn from him. A perpetual student himself, Steve is aways updating his content and never gives the same class twice. Everything he presents is up to date and will enhance your life. 

One of Steve's colleagues noted that he is a walking workshop. Steve conducts biblical seminars across the United States from Hawaii to the tip of Long Island on a wide range of subjects.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Mary McGrath

Wife and Mother

Very skilled at passing his knowledge on

I've benefited from Steve's teaching over the years. I will never miss an occasion to hear him if at all possible.  Dynamic, informative, and life-changing.

Susan Wintersteen

Office Manager

Committed to your success in learning the Bible

Steve is not content to impart information--he wants you to "get it" and makes sure you do. That's why he features a 30-minute consulting session with each course. Who does that?

Lorance Wenke

Former Wisconsin State Representative
and Business Owner

Dynamic, Informative, and Life-changing

Never have I seen one man hold an audience in rapt attention for over four hours. Steve Kindle did it. You will learn much from him and his courses. I definitely have.

What is this course really worth?

The intangibles of any course or life-benefit are impossible to calculate. You will have to ask yourself how much mastering the Bible means to you. But here are some of the actual costs that are part of the course, but not charged for.

The included video course on Matthew, Mark, and Luke:        $120

The video on Apocalyptic Theology:                                            $40

The 30-minute consulting phone call                                          $50

This course in a seminary or university                                       $1500  (no kidding)

                                                                                            TOTAL  $1710

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for a Bible course? They are free all over the internet.

Yes they are. They seem to be of two varieties. The most abundant come from very evangelical authors who want to convert you to their point of view. Not all of them are up front about it. They limit themselves to one perspective and want you to end up agreeing with them. The others are of a highly scholarly variety that require a lot of prior knowledge. 

"Master Your Bible" is devoted to one thing: To help people take the voluminous content of the Bible and organize it so that it can be put to immediate use. No prior knowledge is necessary. 

Oh, and don't we find in 1 Timothy, “The laborer deserves to be paid.”?

My Bible knowledge is limited. Will that slow the course cown?

Not at all. We start with a simple foundation and build on that as we go. You will keep up just fine.

I this a beginner's course?

People of all levels of biblical knowledge will find this course helpful. For beginners, it's a great way to lay a foundation. For the more experienced, you will certainly broaden your knowledge.

Why take a week between modules?

Modules run between 2-3 hours each. Doing the exercises that follow require more time. Keeping a week between modules gives plenty of time to complete everything. It's also a good practice to re-watch the videos and review what you've accomplished.

Can I put the course on hold if necessary?

Life happens. When it becomes necessary to interrupt the flow of the course, just notify us at info@pastor2pew, and we will put your course on hold until you tell us to resume it. 

Can I ask for my money back?

Yes. You are entitled to a full refund—no questions asked—after 30 days following enrollment. You will not have to return anything, and you will no longer receive modules.

How will I receive the free bonus videos?

The videos explaining the four Gospels will be sent with that module. The rest upon completion of the course. 

What benefit is Lifetime Access?

With Lifetime Acces you can take the course at your own pace AND return to it for a refresher when desired. 

How do I arrange for the phone call consultation?

Any time after the 30-day period, you may contact info@pastor2pew and request a call. We will email you the procedure. 

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This course is typically offered for $199, but please contribute whatever you can to help make this possible for everyone. No one will be turned down for lack of funds.

Lifetime Access to all Modules

All Materials except a Bible

Immediate Start with First Module

Access to All Modules upon Completion

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Group memberships

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Pre-launch special— GROUP $325

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Lifetime Access to All Modules

No limit to Number of Participants

All Materials except Bible

Immediate start with First Module

Access to all modules upon completion

A personal note

After 30 years in the ministry, working with people from all walks of life, I can help you master the Bible. It won't happen overnight, and it will require effort, but together we can do this. My prayer for each one of you will grow in wisdom and knowledge. You don't need my course to make this happen, but it certainly will make it happen faster and better than any way I know.